Enhance Artwork or Photos

 Enhance Artwork or Photos

Here are some tips on how to make your  artwork and photographs stand out.

I use FireAlpaca, PhotoPad photo editor and Gimp to edit

FireAlpaca is free but PhotoPad offers a license use. This is just what I use but luckily there many other free editors online.

Add a faded shaded frame around the edges of your photo/artwork called Vignette. Here is a before and after example

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Add text/fonts with encouraging words. This image has embossed and engraved effect with doubled layered fonts.

Wall Art

Blur the backgrounds.

Drive the colors. While black and white can have a dramatic effect, may images is see in contests the artist forgets or just doesn't realize the importance of driving the color saturation effect

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Saturation Color Enhanced 

Add solid colors next to your photos and artwork that matches your pillow.


to mix and match solid colors by season or holiday.

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If you use any of these techniques, please post your work with our social media group on this blog at the end of each page or on the right side.

There are many outsources to self promote under DelynnAddamsDesigns  bio tab.

Also, see my press releases and blog for more great ideas.

I hope this helps.

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